Energy Arc Suppression Blanket Engineered for a Work Safety Environment

Arc Blast, Arc Suppression Blanket, Facts and Work Safety

  • ARC FLASH - Recent work safety studies of reported electrical injuries indicate that as many as 80 percent of documented injuries were burns from exposure to radiant energy from electrical arcs. Each year more than 2000 people are admitted to burn centers with severe burns due to lack of work safety.
  • ARC BURNS - Temperature generated by electrical arc, greatly impact work safety and can melt nearby l, vaporize metal in a close vicinity, and burn flesh and ignite clothing at distances of 10 feet or more.
  • ARC BLAST - of 25kA could destroy a wall or equipment at a distance of nearly 10 feet

Arc Suppression Blanket – As an employer, to ensure work safety, you should:

  • Protect Workers from potential hazards of working on high voltage underground systems and with a work safety environment
  • Promote work safety by making available the Energy Arc Suppression Blanket protection for possible Arc Flash
  • Provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) clothing: FR suit with face and head protection to ensure work safety
  • Safe tools and sufficient training will greatly enhance work safety

Arc Suppression Blanket… Engineered for your work safety!

  • Our new arc suppression blankets are for work safety protection from peripheral arc blast.
  • Our NEW Energy Arc Suppression Blanket was engineered for the work safety of your workers to dramatically reduce the extent of their exposure during an open arc event.
  • The Energy Arc Suppression Blanket complies and surpasses OSHA work safety regulations when working with potentially defective cabling in a cramped area.
  • The Energy Arc Suppression Blanket is tested to the extreme to promote work safety.

Underground vault tests to promote work safety:

  • 25000 Amps At 4140 Volts.
  • Fault Simulated in 3M-Brand Direct-Buried-Type Joints.
  • Manikins Set at Normal Work Safety Distances from Cable/Joints.
  • The weight and size of the Energy Arc Suppression Blanket makes it functional for your workers to use in providing work safety during an open arc possible disaster.
  • The Energy Arc Suppression Blanket was tested to the extreme at the Kema Testing Facility and manufactured to specifications based on the tests to guarantee work safety.
Energy Arc Suppression Blanket used for the work safety blanket test 

Energy Arc Suppression Blanket used to demonstrate safer work environment

arc suppression blanket
arc suppression blanket
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